WE offer technical trainings related with Telecom and IT. The major areas include Optical Communications, Data Communications, IP Technologies and Alternate Energy applications. Focus customers include Telecom Operators, Telecom Vendors and System Integrators. Some of the topics are listed as under:
  1. Basics of Telecommunications
  2. Emerging Technologies in Telecom Sector
  3. IP Networking and Broadband Networks
  4. Transmission Technologies
  5. Optical Fiber Communications
  6. SDH Fundamentals and Advanced Concepts
  7. DWDM Fundamentals and Advanced Concepts
  8. SDH and DWDM Planning
  9. SDH and DWDM Deployment and Operations
  10. Carrier Ethernet
  11. MEF-CECP Certification Exam Preparation
  12. Overview of 3G/4G Wireless Technologies
  13. Overview of Microwave Transmission
  14. Overview of VSAT Technology
  15. Broadband Access Technologies
  16. GPON and FTTx
  17. OSP (Outside Plant) Best Practices
  18. Acceptance Test Guidelines for different Technologies